Other Bands

  • Allister - The rock band that bassist Paul Rogner's sons played in for many years; Allister recorded several CDs on the Drive-Thru label, played a tour of England and Japan, and even made a movie soundtrack. We are very proud that they grew up practicing in the same basement Synod rehearsed in for several decades...
  • The Association Admiration Aggregation - This band was a major influence for Synod, especially guitarist Craig Rutz.
  • Gentle Giant - One of Paul Rogner's musical influences was this '70s progressive rock band.
  • U2 - Karen has almost as big a crush on U2 as she has on her Synod brothers.

Band Connections

  • The Player's Bench - Long time friends of the band Joe Ornelas and Don Wells own and manage (respectively) the store through which the band has purchased much equipment and many instruments.
  • Barrington Area Library - Karen really is a librarian, and is currently the Public Information Manager at the beautiful Barrington Area Library.
  • Trinity Lutheran in Roselle - The church to which Paul Rogner, Craig Rutz and John Strege belong and at which they often play.
  • St. Anne's in Barrington is where you'll find Karen cantoring and singing with the choir on weekends. Synod has even played several gigs at St. Anne's and Trinity Lutheran! The liturgy and music director at St. Anne's is the fabulously talented liturgical songwriter Rory Cooney.
  • Concordia University - River Forest - The college where Paul Rogner, Craig Rutz and John Strege met as freshmen, and where Synod was formed in 1971. Concordia University - RF has since hosted the band dozens of times.

Humor Links

  • HomeStar Runner - Jim told Karen, "You have to see this site. It's a guy who's kind of like an alien but he wears a Mexican wrestler's mask, and someone emails him about drawing a dragon, and..." And nothing has been the same since then.
  • The Onion - Rehearsals would get done a lot earlier if Karen would stop quoting from The Onion.