Meet Synod

John Strege On multiple keyboards, John Strege lends the authority of a Master's degree to SYNOD's sound. Born in Tokyo, Japan, his classical training and compositional bent supplement a rich baritone voice and dress the music before it goes out.
Paul Rogner Bassist Paul Rogner is a prolific writer and natural singer. His varied instrumental styles provide a solid foundation for the band's rhythm section while his clear tenor voice is featured in many of SYNOD's ballads. But when it's time to funk-out or rock, Paul leads the way as he has from the band's inception.
Craig Rutz Craig Rutz plays lead guitar. He is a dedicated working musician, having formed several bands in his early teen years before bringing SYNOD together in 1971. A native Chicagoan, he plays a wide variety of styles, but features a melodic technique that is a trademark which identifies their sound.
Jim Nier Jim Nier plays drums. He modestly takes his position at the back of the stage, but his professional dedication and the effect he has on the music speak eloquently. Influenced by Rush and ELP, he began on real drums in 1972, but has grown with the rest of the band into the versatility and dynamics of electronics and sampled sound. After years of experience, he has found a home and friends with SYNOD. Today, Jim provides the steady, reliable heartbeat to the SYNOD soundtrack and the Stevie Ray Vaughn sound of blues guitar.
Karen Steltman-McBride Karen Steltman-McBride is the baby of the band and gained 4 additional big brothers when she joined SYNOD in 1990. She has been singing professionally since she was 13. Karen also has the unique honor of being a "Singing Librarian," and you can follow her blog "The Everyday Adventures of a Singing Librarian." With experience ranging from musical theater to heavy metal, Karen is inspired by dynamic, intense performers who give 100% with every performance.