SYNOD Discography

Synod has always been first and foremost a great dance band and their set lists have consistently featured some of the best contemporary music, yet from the very start they have emphasized songwriting. In 1972 they released their first recording of all-original music titled "Sent To Reconcile," and since then they have continued to write and record dozens of great tunes.

Selections from their earliest recordings, which originally came out on tape and on vinyl records, both LP and 45 rpm singles on the AMG and Signus labels, have been reassembled in half a dozen limited-release CDs, including "First In Line," "Sent To Reconcile," "Not For Public Consumption," "Learning The Songwriter’s Trade," "Giant In The Basement" and "Early Editions."

"Without the Picture," "Under-Covered," "Easy Street Sampler" and “For Example” include some originals along with cover-versions and samples of songs from their dance catalog. Synod occasionally threatens to make some new recordings - so watch this space!

Even after four decades, Synod's play list continues to express itself in a variety of mediums and styles. Click on the images below to see an enlarged picture of the release.


Nobody's Jukebox


First In Line

Sent To Reconcile

Not For Public Consumption

Learning the Songwriter's Trade

Giant In The Basement

Early Editions


Without the Picture

Easy Street Sampler

For Example...


Back to Cape Cod

Future Shock

Nature of Things

Sheryl Song (is gonna do my dancing)